The 3 Main Classifications of Event Types Explained

Events can be classified based on size, type, and context. According to event education (201), there are three main categories of events: private, corporate, and charitable. These three types of events are Informational, Warning, and Exception. Informational events are usually within normal operating limits and are the types of “good events” that most IT service management tools tend to occupy. This is due to the fact that events are one of the most impactful marketing channels available to organizations of all sizes.

Trade fairs and exhibitions are a great way to present new products and services from a variety of related brands in a professional manner. These types of events usually have a theme that unites the booths and are almost always face-to-face due to the nature of hands-on opportunities and trade show stands. Field marketing events, roadshows, professional development events, and product launches are smaller, more targeted events that drive specific business results.

Webinars are virtual events that include a session or track that are live or pre-recorded and available on demand. Most of the time, webinars are educational and free. To get the most out of your webinar, ensure high-quality audio and video and champion accessibility by offering closed captions. Additionally, take advantage of participation tools such as emoji reactions, chat, Q&A, polls, social sharing, virtual applause and much more.

Private events such as networking events, VIP summits, corporate retreats, advisory board meetings and investor meetings can take place in person, virtually or in a hybrid format. The goal of any VIP event is ultimately to increase revenue while maintaining the loyalty of these key figures. Sales Startups (SKO) are internal events that aim to excite, educate and align marketing teams for the coming year.

Conferences tend to be much more complex events with multiple speakers and sessions in several spaces within one or more venues. With the aim of encouraging conversations and offering people a platform to share their experience, conferences are one of the most fruitful types of business networking events. Trade shows offer an opportunity to showcase your latest product and introduce your brand to other companies or the general public.

Workshops and training sessions can help companies connect with both staff and audiences. A webinar involves an online presentation to a virtual audience on a specific topic, whether academic or business-focused. Fundraising bid wars can also be classified as an event type.

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