How Much Money Can Event Planners Make?

Many event planners who plan their own events can make a lot of money, sometimes even more than six figures each year. But planning your own event is just one way to make money. Event organizers typically charge fees ranging from 15 to 30% of the total event costs. This revenue can cover the cost of the planner and provide a significant source of income, depending on the complexity and time it takes to plan and execute the event. Experiential events must leave an impression on their audiences, which often means planning an event that has never been done before. This position is less of a general coordinator and more of a specific professional. The more experience you have as an event planner, the more customers will be willing to pay for you to plan their party, wedding or meeting. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) recommends that those considering a career as an event planner earn a bachelor's degree in a related field and that the best areas of employment are outside the business arena, as economic recessions may cause a pause in company activities. Salary estimates vary depending on the complexity of the program, the time it takes to plan and execute it, and the size of the business. Baby showers and bachelorette parties are usually daytime events where women gather to celebrate important events related to womanhood. Small planners tend to offer only day or month services, while prime planners offer more expensive all-inclusive planning services that include all planning and design and require much more time from the planner. Corporate events are usually business-related, while private events are for individuals, but there may be some overlap between them. Investigating how much event planners earn can help you decide if this profession meets your salary needs as well as your personal interests. However, this average may vary depending on the clientele, types of events, and hours worked to complete an event.

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