Who is the Most Successful Event Planner? A Look at the Top 10 Celebrity Event Planners

Are you looking for the best event planners to follow? Look no further than this list of the top 10 celebrity event planners. From David Tutera to Thomas Bui Lifestyle, these professionals have made a name for themselves in the event planning industry. Read on to learn more about their success stories and how they can help you plan your next event.

David Tutera is one of the most successful event planners in the world. He is best known for his work on the BCRF Hot Pink Party in New York, an annual fundraiser for the Breast Cancer Foundation (BCRF). With 1,200 guests in attendance, it was co-organized by glamorous and generous Elizabeth Hurley, Global Ambassador for The Estée Lauder Compani's Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign. The event featured a dramatic countdown, guests were thrown to dinner, surrounded by bright stars projected on a 120-foot long x 30-foot curved projection screen.

We also planned and designed the Radio Flyer centennial event. We wanted to make sure that the company's core values of showcasing its iconic brand over 100 years, more imagination, joy and joy shone in every detail and guest experience from the moment they got out of the car until the last moment. We guided guests through a life-size pop-up storybook inside a transparent tent in the backyard of their newly renovated headquarters.

I've always been a creative person, but I didn't really think about being a wedding and event planner until I was exposed to the idea of “party” from a less conventional source. It's always the best feeling when a customer trusts you to make good decisions for them and direct them in the way that best suits their needs. This was the case with the right people who came together to create something that everyone was excited about. It makes a big difference when everyone is 100% interested in the concept of the event.

One of my favorite events last year was a corporate anniversary event that we hold annually, where there is always a theme and the best talent. Last year's event was in November for its 20th anniversary with Stevie Wonder & The Chainsmokers. We took control of a helicopter hangar and transformed it for the event around the theme of TV show families with different vignettes & activities dedicated to a selection of television programs focused on the participation of guests linked to the theme. The space was filled with 2 huge stages and video walls, lots of themed decor and great interactive activities and special effects for the 1,200 guests who attended this celebration.

I always had a design aesthetic, during childhood, my mother and grandmother had a great sense of style. My love for entertainment began when I was 16, when I was working in a movie theater, and then I was the first in my family to go to college, where I did an internship at Warner Bros. To market your films on campus. I moved to Hollywood two weeks after graduating and did a lot of jobs in the entertainment industry. I finally worked on the Batman & Robin film set and found my way to an assistant job at Warner Bros.

During my 14-year career at Warner Bros., I even had a great moment to close the circle to make the premieres of the trilogy The Dark Knight. Through my various jobs, I found myself networking with all the right people to create my brand and my eye for design to organize events and I knew I wanted to work on lifestyle after my paternity leave. I started planning some celebrity baby showers, then weddings, charity events and corporate concerts followed, and it's been 5 years since I started Simply Troy Lifestyle + Events.

All my clients have been through word-of-mouth referrals since day one when I founded my company. On May 9th, more than 1,000 people gathered to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Seeds of Peace, a non-profit organization dedicated to inspiring and cultivating the next generation of world leaders prepared to transform conflict. It was an inspiring event that took months in preparation. Vice President Joe Biden spoke to the sold-out crowd gathered at Pier Sixty at Chelsea Piers after being honored with John P.

Also speaking were five Semillas (former students of Camp Semillas de Paz program) who reflected on their experiences in camp and how those lessons are carried out in their careers. Other highlights were performances by Mandy Gonzalez starring on Broadway's Hamilton accompanied by five Seed singers as well as appearance by Late Night host Seth Meyers.

We focus on helping South Asian community with multi-day weddings around world. We have held weddings with more than 1500 guests. Our favorite event last year was definitely one we moved from Miami to New York due Hurricane Irma. We had less than 4 days replan year work help this couple get married. They had been waiting 15 years get married. Incredibly hard but also just as rewarding.

Thomas Bui Lifestyle began 18 years after successful career pharmaceutical industry. I was looking for more creative outlet wanted pursue career where could work with client for long period time hence beginning full-service wedding design.

What love most about wedding design is creating atmosphere entertainment environment that is always elegant intimate luxurious inviting detailed personal touches textures. An event which couple guests feel that they are new environment live moment.

However what like most being able dream about couple meeting them listening their stories realizing their vision wedding day. After working year with couple it's good reward when they...

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