Can Wedding Planners Make a Fortune?

Being a wedding planner can be an incredibly rewarding experience. From attending catering and cake tastings to helping customers choose the perfect centerpieces, there are plenty of fun and exciting moments. Seeing months of hard work come together on the big day is one of the most gratifying experiences many wedding planners have in their careers. Marie Danielle Vil-Young, an owner and lead designer, incorporates luxurious details into her events, such as velvet and silk fabrics and lots of greenery. Full and partial service planning and coordination are available for the day. There are wedding planners all over the world, but only a select few – about 20 – plan the most extravagant events for the very wealthy. Being a wedding planner also has its advantages, such as being invited to every industry party, attending amazing conferences, and staying in luxurious hotels while scouting event spaces. Planners can talk about the events they have organized, but they cannot link them to specific customers. So, can you afford a wedding planner? If you recognize that hiring a wedding planner is a necessity, there are plenty of strategies to make room in your budget. This can be difficult for some event planners who want to continue to recreate their own wedding or impose their vision on customers. Many wedding planners have assistants and staff to help with all the details and logistics, but there are still many who do most of the planning and design themselves and then hire one or two attendants just for the wedding day. If having typical weekend wedding events is important to you, there are still ways to organize a rehearsal dinner, welcome reception, and brunch while saving enough money to organize a wedding. Even though it's a female-dominated field, there are plenty of successful male event planners as well. Having a career as a wedding planner might seem glamorous, but there are definitely reasons why you wouldn't want to become one. Being an event planner isn't always glamorous (although it does have its fabulous moments) – it requires a lot of hustle and sweat – but it's worth it if it's your passion.

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