How do you make a couple getaway fun?

Stay active and plan your day and night activities. Make a list of things to pack to make sure you don't forget anything. Take lots of photos to remember the future. He drives a Formula 1 car at the Skip Barber racing school in Lime Rock Park, Connecticut, and then spends the night at the 200-year-old White Hart inn, which is powered by solar panels.

The inn is equipped with solar panels that provide clean energy and help reduce their carbon footprint. Organizing complementary activities is great if the main activity of your romantic getaway is canceled (for example, due to the weather), or if that day just doesn't feel like it. Take advantage of hotel resources When you check in, tell the hotel staff that you're in town for a romantic getaway and the concierge will give you suggestions for your stay. You want your romantic getaway to be one where all you focus on is each other, so if you know that your partner is likely to worry about where the money for the trip comes from, be sure to reassure them that you've found good deals and that you've done everything possible. If you're planning a winter getaway, look for the fireplace and comfortable slippers; if it's summer, look for the air conditioning.

Even if it's simply a matter of providing a bottle of something bubbly upon arrival, these romantic add-ons only help create an even more romantic atmosphere for your trip as a couple. There are plenty of ways to make any trip more romantic, so even if you can't take your partner on an exclusive trip for couples, you can incorporate some of these romantic getaway plans to help your partner feel love during the trip. Whether you're planning a romantic weekend getaway nearby or are flying off into the sunset for a longer romantic vacation, choose an area that's fun. For example, if you're looking for romantic getaways in Vermont, you can find recommendations for places that offer exclusive romantic packages and extra romantic amenities.

There are plenty of ways to make any trip more romantic, so even if it's not a romantic getaway dedicated to you and your partner, you can up the ante on romance during your trip with these some of these main ways to plan a romantic getaway. Even with just a weekend getaway, some couples will love the idea of having a plane take them away on Friday and return on Sunday.

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