10 Exciting Adventure Filled Weekend Getaways in South Africa

10 Exciting Adventure-Filled Weekend Getaways in South Africa

A group of hikers conquering a steep mountain trail in South Africa.

Feeling bored with the usual weekend plans? South Africa's got a treasure trove of adventure waiting for you. From shark cage diving in Cape Town to slackpacking across pristine landscapes, we've lined up 10 epic getaways that'll make your heart race and spirits soar.

Dive into this guide; your next thrill is just a page away!

Key Takeaways

  • South Africa offers many adventure getaways, like rock climbing at Pondo Falls and horseback riding in Hartbeespoort.
  • Luxury slackpacking lets hikers enjoy the outdoors without heavy bags, as seen on trails like Kosi Bay to Mabibi.
  • The Tugela Canyons Hiking Trail gives amazing views of the world's second-highest waterfall.
  • Little Switzerland Resort mixes romance with adventure in the Drakensberg Mountains for families and couples.
  • There are adventures for all tastes, from relaxing spa treatments to thrilling hikes and wildlife experiences.

Pondo Falls: A Hiking and Rock-Climbing Extravaganza

A panoramic view of Pondo Falls with diverse people and wildlife.

Pondo Falls is a dream come true for people who love epic adventures. Imagine climbing up high cliffs with the sun on your back. Or hiking through paths where every turn shows you something amazing.

You can choose an 11-day trip that's all about climbing and walking in cool spots in the Western Cape.

There's a trail called Pondo-Explorer Hiking Trail too. It goes along the Wild Coast from Msikaba to PSJ. You can sleep in tents, and there are guides and helpers to carry stuff for you.

If you have less time, try the Pondo Hopper Wild Coast Hike for 3 or 5 days of fun hikes with everything taken care of by others.


Harties Adventure Weekend Getaway: Horse Riding, Spa Relaxation, and More

A scenic view of Hartbeespoort Dam with horse riding trails and people.The Harties Adventure Weekend Getaway packs a punch for those seeking fun and relaxation. You stay for two nights with breakfast included, starting your day feasting on yummy food. Then it's time to hop on a quad bike or horse from Harties Horse and Trails Unlimited.

They guide you through beautiful paths where you can breathe fresh air and feel free around nature.

After all the riding, a full-body spa treatment awaits to soothe your muscles—pure bliss! Beyond this, you can soar high with the aerial cableway or pick sweet strawberries at the farm.

Maybe take a boat cruise or zip through trees on Magaliesberg Canopy Tours. Whatever you choose, Hartbeespoort offers an unforgettable mix of thrills and peace in one weekend.


Kosi Mouth to Mabibi: Luxury Slackpacking Adventure

The Kosi Bay Slackpacking Trail takes you on a journey through stunning landscapes, where the ocean kisses the shores of a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This luxury adventure means you can hike with just a small bag because your main luggage moves ahead to meet you each night.

You'll stay at Utshwayelo Kosi Mouth Lodge, right on the beach in cozy comfort that feels like home but is far from ordinary.

This trail isn't just walking; it's an all-in-one package that mixes hiking with exciting boat rides and amazing snorkeling spots. Spend 4 to 6 nights exploring around lake systems, forest paths, and sandy beaches.

The Kosi Adventure Trail gives you both the thrill of adventure and the pampering of luxury — expect to see colorful fish while snorkeling and enjoy peaceful evenings by the shore after days packed with activity.


Tugela Canyons Hiking Trail: Exploring the Heart of KZN

The Tugela Canyons Hiking Trail offers a 3-day slackpacking trail along the Tugela River Gorge. It is easily accessible for weekend getaways, being a 4-hour drive from Johannesburg and a 2.5-hour drive from Durban.

The trail provides magnificent views of the Drakensberg Amphitheatre and the Tugela Falls, the second-highest waterfall in the world. Offering diverse and changing scenery at every turn, it's considered a challenging route that provides a unique and exciting outdoor experience in the heart of KwaZulu-Natal.

The trail is an adventurous option for those seeking an outdoor escape with its picturesque landscapes and opportunities to explore Africa's highest waterfall through activities like the Tugela Falls Hike.

This adventure-filled journey promises to captivate hikers with its visually stunning natural beauty and physically rewarding experiences throughout Kwazulu-Natal's heartland.

Little Switzerland: Discover Romance and Adventure in the Mountains

Little Switzerland Resort, located in the heart of the Drakensberg mountain range, offers a unique blend of Alpine charm and African wilderness. The resort boasts breathtaking views of the Drakensberg Mountains amidst lush greenery and cascading waterfalls, making it an ideal escape for nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers alike.

Its 3000-hectare private reserve provides a picturesque setting with rolling green hills, indigenous forest, mountain streams, and stunning vistas, offering ample opportunities for hiking, gentle forest strolls, and immersive cultural experiences.

Visitors to Little Switzerland can partake in a myriad of activities, including serious hiking through awe-inspiring natural beauty, hairpin drives that offer jaw-dropping scenery, as well as culturally enriching experiences.

This makes it an excellent destination for family holidays featuring guided tours and fun-filled adventures. Additionally, couples seeking a romantic getaway will find Little Switzerland to be an idyllic retreat where they can indulge in the allure of the mountains while enjoying exciting weekend escapes filled with outdoor exploration.


South Africa has so much to offer for those seeking adventure. From hiking to rock-climbing at Pondo Falls, horseback riding and spa relaxation at Hartiesluxury slackpacking adventures from Kosi Mouth to Mabibi, to exploring the heart of KZN through the Tugela Canyons Hiking Trail, there's something for everyone.

In South Africa, you can also discover romance and adventure in the mountains at Little Switzerland. With Robberg Nature Reserve offering hidden gem attractions and Tiger Canyon Private Game Reserve providing a unique adventure experience in the Free State, the options are endless.

South Africa truly is a paradise for outdoor adventures!


1. What can I expect to see if I go scuba diving in South Africa?

When you dive into the waters of South Africa, get ready for an up-close encounter with great white sharks! Places like Hermanus offer a doorway to this thrilling experience as part of your adventure-packed weekend.

2. Are there any unique national parks to explore in South Africa?

Yes, indeed! Imagine stepping back in time at Tikal National Park, where ancient ruins whisper stories from long ago. Or, witness one of nature's most awe-inspiring shows at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park—home to Mount Kilauea and its famous eruptions.

3. Is there a place for marine life lovers in South Africa?

Absolutely—you'll love Hol Chan Marine Reserve! It's a sanctuary teeming with sea creatures that offers unforgettable snorkeling and diving experiences among vibrant coral reefs.

4. Can I experience extreme hiking adventures in South Africa?

Get set for a challenge at Half Dome, located within Yosemite Valley. It’s not just a hike; it’s an epic journey that rewards brave adventurers with breathtaking vistas!

5. Where should thrill-seekers head for an adventurous weekend on the Big Island of Hawai’i?

The Big Island beckons with its wild landscapes and thrilling activities—from exploring volcanic craters teeming with history to diving into ocean depths filled with mesmerizing marine life.

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