10 Affordable and Relaxing Weekend Getaways Near Me: Best Destinations near Johannesburg

10 Affordable and Relaxing Weekend Getaways Near Me: Best Destinations near Johannesburg

A cozy cabin in a tranquil forest with diverse people and styles.

Feeling overworked and dreaming of a quick escape? You're not alone. Fact: You can find peaceful weekend retreats near Johannesburg for less than the cost of a fancy dinner out. Our guide lists ten serene spots to unwind without breaking the bank, perfect for those urgent stress-busting mini-vacations.

Keep reading—relaxation awaits!

Key Takeaways

  • You can find peaceful weekend spots close to Johannesburg for a low cost.
  • Places like Thabela Thabeng and Mistique Waters in Parys offer calm stays by the river or mountains.
  • Adventure lovers can enjoy Hollybrooke Adventure Farms with horseback riding and quad biking.
  • Luxurious yet affordable options include Cherry Grove Apartments in Dullstroom.
  • For nature lovers, Mabalingwe Nature Reserve provides game drives and beautiful bushveld views.

Affordable Weekend Getaways Near Johannesburg

A cozy cabin in a peaceful nature reserve surrounded by lush greenery.

Looking to escape the hustle and bustle of Johannesburg without breaking the bank? From Thabela Thabeng Mountain Retreat in Parys to Cherry Grove Luxury Apartments in Dullstroom, there are several affordable weekend getaways just a short drive away from the city.

Whether you're looking for a peaceful mountain retreat or a serene nature reserve, these destinations offer relaxation and rejuvenation without straining your wallet.


Thabela Thabeng Mountain Retreat, Parys

Thabela Thabeng Mountain Retreat invites you to leave behind the city's noise. Just 100km from Johannesburg, this Parys hideaway is where peace lives. You can pick a cozy chalet for two or a big lodge if you need more room.

Each spot has an outdoor swimming pool and free private parking—no worries about where to put your car.

Guests love coming here for weekend escapes that don't break the bank. The retreat is tucked into the North West region's quiet landscapes, with lots of chances to play outside. Hiking trails beckon adventurers, while calm spots around the retreat call for soaking in nature’s whispers.

Mistique Waters, Parys

Mistique Waters sits right on the Vaal River's edge in Parys. This guesthouse wraps you in luxury and offers stunning river views. You can ease into your weekend by lounging in a beautiful garden or diving into fun with activities along the water.

It’s a charming spot that doesn’t break the bank.

Guests love Mistique Waters for its quick access to both adventure and relaxation. Take in the sights of nature reserves or enjoy spa treatments without ever feeling far from home.

Whether it’s a romantic getaway or some quiet time, this place has you covered with its warm hospitality and serene setting near Johannesburg.

Hollybrooke Adventure Farms

Hollybrooke Adventure Farms is the place to go for fun and thrills. Just a quick drive from Pretoria and Johannesburg, this spot offers cool things like quad bike trails and horseback riding.

You can zip through the air on a zipline or try hitting targets with clay-pigeon shooting. It's perfect for anyone wanting an action-packed weekend.

Imagine racing down dirt paths on quad bikes or trotting along scenic trails on horseback. Families love coming here because there's something exciting for everyone. The farm sits by the beautiful Magalies River in Skeerpoort Valley, so it’s super easy to get to for a short trip.

Plus, they host events that bring people together for big smiles and great memories!

Cherry Grove Luxury Apartments, Dullstroom

Cherry Grove Luxury Apartments in Dullstroom present stylish and luxurious self-catering accommodation, including well-equipped fireplaces and underfloor heating for a cozy winter retreat.

Situated about two and a half hours from Johannesburg and Pretoria, it's close to attractions like the Dullstroom Railway Station and the Dullstroom Bird of Prey & Rehabilitation Centre.

This destination is perfect for fishing enthusiasts seeking a quiet and romantic setting for couples or family getaways all year round.

The location offers a picturesque ambiance with easy access to exciting activities such as quad biking, mountain biking, and game drives at nearby reserves like Mabalingwe Nature Reserve in Bela-Bela.

Mabalingwe Nature Reserve, Bela-Bela

Mabalingwe Nature Reserve, found near Johannesburg and Pretoria, offers 12,500 hectares of malaria-free bushveld. Accommodation options include the Stone Lodge and Babohi at Qwabi Private Game Reserve.

Visitors can enjoy activities like game drives and spa treatments. This reserve is just about a two-hour drive from Johannesburg city center, making it an easily accessible retreat for a weekend getaway near Johannesburg.

The reserve provides a great opportunity for visitors to explore nearby attractions, such as Mabula Game Reserve, while being close enough to urban areas for convenience.

Relaxing Destinations Near Johannesburg

A couple enjoying a romantic picnic at Tussen-i-Bome Guest Farm.

Escape the hustle and bustle of Johannesburg with a relaxing weekend getaway to Tussen-i-Bome Guest Farm in Cullinan, Villa Paradiso Country Manor in Hartbeespoort, Brookwood Estate and Trout Farm near Krugersdorp, Cruise-N-Snooze in Vanderbijlpark, or New Horizons Farm in Magaliesburg.

These serene destinations offer tranquil settings and rejuvenating experiences for a perfect weekend escape from the city.


Tussen-i-Bome Guest Farm, Cullinan

The Tussen-I-Bome Guest Farm is situated in the serene and malaria-free Bobbejaansberg Mountains, offering a tranquil and affordable weekend escape from the hustle and bustle of Johannesburg.

This charming farm provides various accommodation options, including cozy 4-6-sleeper ox-wagon camps as well as more luxurious choices. Nestled along the Dinokeng tourist route, guests can enjoy an array of activities such as golf, game drives, lion camps, and horseback riding.

The self-catering accommodations at Tussen-I-Bome Oxwagon Resort cater to those seeking relaxation amidst nature's tranquility. With its idyllic setting and proximity to numerous leisure activities, this farm stands out as a perfect destination for a peaceful yet adventurous getaway near Johannesburg.

Villa Paradiso Country Manor, Hartbeespoort

Villa Paradiso Country Manor is nestled in Hartbeespoort, offering a serene escape at the foothills of the Magalies Mountain Range. The manor boasts scenic views of Hartbeespoort Dam and presents an idyllic retreat just a short drive from both Pretoria and Johannesburg.

This boutique country estate features beautifully landscaped gardens and promises a unique dining experience for guests seeking relaxation and fine accommodation during their weekend getaway near Johannesburg.

Positioned on the eastern outskirts of Hartbeespoort Dam, Villa Paradiso provides a tranquil environment suitable for those looking for a peaceful weekend retreat within reach of urban conveniences.

The location offers an ideal setting for couples searching for romantic weekend getaways or individuals wanting to unwind amidst picturesque surroundings. With its stunning views and serene ambiance, Villa Paradiso invites guests to indulge in a revitalizing escape away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Brookwood Estate and Trout Farm, near Krugersdorp

Escape the hustle and bustle of the city with a calming weekend retreat at Brookwood Estate and Trout Farm, only 50 minutes away from Johannesburg. Nestled in the Cradle of Humanity, this idyllic getaway offers a serene setting for fly-fishing enthusiasts.

The estate boasts five well-stocked dams where visitors can enjoy a relaxing fishing experience. Additionally, guests have access to a convenient barbecue area for an enjoyable outdoor meal and a small shop stocked with essential items for their fishing trips.

Whether you're looking to unwind by the water or reel in your next big catch, Brookwood Estate and Trout Farm provides an affordable and peaceful escape within easy reach of Johannesburg.

Cruise-N-Snooze, Vanderbijlpark

Cruise-N-Snooze in Vanderbijlpark offers houseboat vacation options on the Vaal River. It's a perfect location for water sports, fishing, birding, and relaxation. The facility also includes a boat launch area for guests to use.

Moreover, it provides two self-catering Rondavels units that can accommodate four adults.

With houseboat vacation options and various activities like fishing and birding, Cruise-N-Snooze in Vanderbijlpark is an ideal getaway spot near Johannesburg. On the Vaal River, visitors can enjoy water sports or simply relax amidst nature.

New Horizons Farm, Magaliesburg

New Horizons Farm is a 22-hectare private farm located just 7 kilometers outside Magaliesburg. It offers creatively designed self-catering accommodation in the tranquil Plumari Private Reserve. This idyllic getaway stands out as one of the best weekend options in the Magaliesberg, with its peaceful and romantic setting making it particularly popular for couples.

With 58 unique places to stay in the region, New Horizons Farm prides itself on providing a highly rated accommodation experience, ensuring guests have an unforgettable retreat amidst nature's beauty.

Exploring More Weekend Getaways in South Africa

4. Exploring More Weekend Getaways in South Africa:.

Kololo Game Reserve, located in the Limpopo province near Vaalwater, is home to various wildlife and offers safari experiences.

The northernmost province of South Africa, Limpopo, provides opportunities for cultural interactions and outdoor adventures with its diverse landscapes.

Social media platforms are great resources to discover hidden gems like lesser-known guesthouses or local attractions when planning a weekend getaway.

GDPR compliance is crucial when booking accommodations or activities through online platforms to protect personal data and ensure secure transactions.



Looking for an affordable and relaxing weekend getaway near Johannesburg? You've got plenty of options! These getaways offer various activities like game viewing, spa retreats, and trout fishing.

Plus, there are destinations with self-catering cottages, cabins, and eco hotels to suit different preferences and budgets. So start planning your next weekend escape right now!

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1. What makes these weekend getaways near Johannesburg both affordable and relaxing?

These special spots offer a break from the busy city without breaking the bank. You can relax, take in nature, or enjoy cozy stays with less travel time and cost.

2. Can I find places to stay that won't make my wallet cry?

Absolutely! There are plenty of budget-friendly options for lodging that provide comfy rooms without costing too much.

3. Are these destinations good for families?

Yes, they are perfect for family trips! Kids can have fun exploring while their parents unwind. Look for places with parks or animal reserves!

4. Will I need to drive far from Johannesburg to get there?

Nope! These getaways are close by, which means you spend less time on the road and more time enjoying your vacation.

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