The Best Three-Day Vacation Ideas to Escape and Relax

When life gets overwhelming and you just need a break, consider one of these easy-to-take three-day vacation. From the Florida Keys to the Caribbean islands, Hawaii, and even international destinations, there is something for everyone. Keep reading to see our list of the best three-day vacation ideas.

The Florida Keys are an easily accessible but distinct part of the Sunshine State that offers succulent seafood to accompany abundant sunsets by the sea. Or try one of the many Caribbean islands that support direct flights from places you would never expect. For the West Coast, there is only one flight between you, the beaches of Hawaii and one of the best three-day vacations you can take.

The Japanese influence doesn't end there. A 30-minute drive from Waikiki, Asian travelers line up at Marukame Udon for a taste of home. A sip of fresh noodles and the next stop may be Mount Fuji on one of the best three-day getaways.

While you're probably not going to New Zealand or Morocco or the Greek Islands or anything too far away, there are plenty of international destinations where you can enjoy a legitimate getaway from the United States in just a few days. These 17 cities are a quick step away from some of the largest airports in the United States, so get out early if you can, hop on the red eyes and enjoy the thrill of a trip abroad. We'll see you back at your desk on Monday.

When planning a weekend trip, it is better to choose a destination that is no more than three or four hours away by plane so as not to eat too much on your actual trip. If you are driving, there is more flexibility to pack, as you can fit everything in the back seat of the car. But if you're traveling by bus or train, consider putting everything you need in a backpack. You don't want to carry a suitcase with you. I recommend carrying a backpack or a 30-35 liter bag for a weekend getaway.

For those looking for an outdoor adventure, Palm Springs is a paradise for golfers (with more than 100 golf courses), hikers and adventure seekers. Try a jeep tour through the countryside through the trails of San Jacinto Mountain or walk to Joshua Tree National Park (less than an hour away). Do you want to relax? Soak in the natural healing waters of Desert Hot Springs or head to one of the many one-day spas for a couple's hot stone massage. Palm Springs also has a food scene and many of the best establishments offer patio dining under the stars.

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