Why Event Management Interview Questions are Essential

Organizing events is a complex task that requires a great deal of skill and experience. Event coordinators must be able to manage large and small scale events, as well as corporate and social events. They must also be able to work with vendors and venues, and ensure that the event does not exceed its allocated budget. When conducting an interview for an event planner position, the questions you ask should highlight the strengths of the type of employee you are looking for.

An event coordinator needs excellent organizational and preparation skills to run a successful event. They should have experience managing large or small scale events, as well as what type of events (corporate, social, etc.). It is also important to find out if they have experience with similar events in order to find a good platform for your event. Additionally, it is important to discuss various ideas for events, venues and resources, which expand creativity and allow for unique events.

The biggest event I ever coordinated was a car meeting of all the Audi owners in the country. More than 10,000 people attended and the parking lot was full of cars. I was notified in advance and the customers were clear about their expectations. We had to work day and night with the vendors and site administrators to make it successful. To date, it's still the biggest event I've ever witnessed, not to mention the organization.

Ultimately, this question is about your personality (what motivates you when it comes to events) and your fitness (it's great that an event planner prefers to host conventions, but you wouldn't necessarily want them to plan your wedding). Banquets and budgets, networking and negotiations, revelry and reliability: a career as an event planner really has it all. An event coordinator should also look up the previous events the company has had and their details. I can determine if an event was successful based on customer feedback and that they responded positively to my request that they refer their colleagues to me for future events.

Send jobs to more than 100 job boards with a single submission. When looking for an event planner, it is important to consider their experience in organizing events, their ability to work with vendors and venues, as well as their ability to stay within budget. Having the answers to these questions ready ahead of time will make you much more polished and confident when interviewing potential candidates.

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