What are the Duties of a Wedding Planner?

Wedding planners are responsible for taking care of all the details of a wedding, from start to finish. They provide vendor referrals and negotiate contracts, create detailed schedules and floor plans, help determine and manage budgets, attend site visits and menu tastings, exchange style ideas, and coordinate details of the design. Wedding planners also help with the creative details of the wedding day by offering styling or design services. Wedding coordinators are a great option for couples who are working on tight budgets. When the time of the ceremony approaches, the wedding planner should start distributing the personal flowers and make sure everyone is in place according to the schedule. They are responsible for ensuring that every person at the wedding party (ushers, greeters, etc.) is in their designated spot. Once it's time to start the ceremony, the wedding planner (or their assistant) is ready to put the music in a queue and keep the procession flowing as planned. The initial consultation between the planner and the customer serves to lay the foundation for what the customer expects from the planner and what they plan to do. The wedding planner should coordinate with suppliers and customers and recommend an appropriate wedding theme. They should also make sure that any sound setup goes smoothly. The wedding planner should also be responsible for making sure that all of the necessary items are present on the cake table, such as plates and cutlery for guests to use. They should also save the top tier of the cake if requested by the couple. Full-service wedding planning tasks include design services to help couples select color palettes, create floor plans, choose decor, rentals, lighting, and maintain an overall aesthetic that is maintained throughout the event. A wedding planner should be able to put couples in touch with an event stylist if they don't offer these services themselves. Working as a wedding planner is a difficult job because it can be hard to meet expectations with limited resources. However, most planners do their job well and make their customers satisfied with their experience.

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