Are there any special tips for family travelers visiting the uk?

If you're traveling to London for the first time, you might also be wondering how to start planning your visit to make the most of your stay in the country's capital. Find out my tips and the most important things to know in my “Tips for first-time visitors to London” section. In fact, I've lived and worked in London, so I have a lot of insider information and experience. Some credit cards come with travel insurance, but it's worth doing some research on what's covered and what's not; medical expenses abroad can be sky-high, and travel insurance also often covers the loss and theft of personal items.

Citizens of many English-speaking countries don't need a visa to travel to the UK for tourism purposes and can usually stay up to six months without a visa. I also have a guide for planning your trip to the UK, which includes lots of practical tips to ensure you get the most out of your visit. It really is the “ultimate guide” for planning your trip to the UK and answers common questions such as:. In this blog, I share a lifetime of travel knowledge and experiences to help you travel around the world country (and travel by train) at the same time.

On a positive note, the UK public transport system is quite good and I would recommend travelling by train if you can.

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