The Cheapest Places to Travel This Summer

Are you looking for the best and cheapest places to travel this summer? Mexico, Colombia, Canada, Florida, Peru, Bolivia, Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, Sedona, Hot Springs, Idaho, Daytona and Phuket are some of the most affordable destinations for a summer getaway.

Within Mexico, San Jose del Cabo (in Baja California Sur), Puerto Vallarta and Cancun stand out as the most budget-friendly places to fly, with January being the most affordable month to visit each. Fortunately, January is glorious in each of these warm beach destinations full of rich colors, textures and flavors to beat the winter blues. Are you looking for a city break instead of a beach retreat? Mexico City, with its rich Aztec heritage and generous number of museums, is another affordable option in Mexico. May is the cheapest month to book a flight there.

Colombia is a popular tourist destination for its rich history, vibrant culture and delicious food. It also has a good price compared to what many Americans are used to paying, for example, a fresh arepa and a cup of Colombian coffee. Mexico isn't our only neighboring country with plenty of offers Canada is also an easy getaway, with well-priced flights widely available from most of the U. S. UU.

Florida as a destination is hotter than ever, but Tampa isn't as inundated with crowds as the other major cities in the state. In addition, its location on the western coast promises beautiful sunsets over the Gulf of Mexico. Go in January to enjoy a good deal, warm (but not suffocating) temperatures and plenty of sunshine. Peru is an affordable destination to travel if you skip the popular super-tourist path that has now become a pillar of the “wonders of the world” and wish lists.

Peru is much more than Machu Picchu, which has become a bucket list item that you'll find long lines, strict rules and crowds. So what to do in Peru and why should you go there? Peru is huge, and for that reason, it can't be all touristy. Only in Lima can you see authentic Peruvian-Chinese culture, an urban park with rainbow fountains and many other things to do in Lima on a modest budget, such as tasting ceviche, ice cream made with local fruits and beer bars in Miraflores. Bolivia is one of the best value for money destinations in South America, and due to its landlocked location and the fact that its tourist infrastructure is newer than, for example, that of Peru, all visitors are going to be left with real pleasure.

With 32 miles of sugar-white beaches and picturesque turquoise waters, Gulf Shores and Orange Beach attract visitors of all ages year-round. Gulf State Park, Bon Secour National Wildlife Refuge and the 15 mile Hugh S. The Branyon Backcountry Trail brings guests closer to local flora and fauna. Orange Beach also has one of the largest charter fishing fleets in the Gulf, more than 17,000 artificial reefs for diving and the Gulf State Park Pier, the second longest fishing pier in the Gulf of Mexico.

Visit sites like Vrbo for beachside vacation rentals that offer all the comforts of home. Travelers looking to renew mind, body and spirit should head to Sedona, a two-hour drive from Phoenix. There are plenty of luxury resorts in the area, but a more affordable housing rental would be a good base to visit Red Rock State Park, which alone is worth a trip - many say it's better than the Grand Canyon! Be sure to also visit Bell Rock, Cathedral Rock, Merry-Go-Round Rock and Vortexes where some believe that spiritual energies are swirling.

Yoga classes, meditation sessions, psychic readings and crystal shops abound. Outdoor enthusiasts can hike scenic trails or ride horses or ATVs. For a restorative vacation consider Hot Springs, named for the 47 natural hot springs that flow from neighboring mountains. In Bathhouse Row hotels offer a variety of heat treatments with Hot Springs Creek's 143 degree water.

Hot Springs National Park, nicknamed The American Spa dates back to 1832 and is one of the smallest national parks in the United States. Visitors can opt for guided or self-guided tours of the 26-mile trail system or camp at Gulpha Gorge Campground. In addition to boasting the largest wilderness area in Lower 48 Idaho has some of the best whitewater including the Salmon River, one of the first wild and picturesque rivers in the United States and one of its longest free-flowing rivers.

With more than 100 miles of whitewater and more than 100 rapids this river attracts anyone who appreciates nature's beauty - hot springs beautiful landscapes abundant wildlife including bighorn sheep mountain goats river otters elk black bears osprey owls eagles and an abundance of other birds.

Whitewater rafters have it especially well riding rapids through America's largest roadless area outside Alaska. If you're a beach lover Daytona can be a great place to stop on a budget - Daytona is cheaper compared to other expensive US rhythms.

Daytona has more than 23 miles of sandy beaches where you can spend a family vacation with unlimited options for free things to do reasonable hotels and restaurants Daytona is not only a budget place in Florida but also one of the cheapest places to travel in America.

While you may find larger discounts for hotels during winter weather limits what you can see and do at that time - In July visitors can take advantage of full Maid Of The Mist show discounted passes to Niagara Parks Botanic Gardens free Discover Niagara shuttle that travels 17 top attractions.

Phuket, this green island only an hour's flight from Bangkok has recovered strongly from devastating tsunami 2004 which destroyed island's infrastructure tourism thousands lives - Phuket remains impressive memorable vacation spot.

Fewer travelers arrive Punta Cana July - popular place visit winter revelers charming spot Dominican Republic averages peaks between 80s mid-90s experiences rain almost 24 days month.

If you're looking for budget friendly summer getaway consider visiting any these amazing places - Mexico Colombia Canada Florida Peru Bolivia Gulf Shores Orange Beach Sedona Hot Springs Idaho Daytona Phuket!

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