What should i wear when travelling in vietnam?

Sportswear designed to absorb sweat and keep you dry is a better choice for humid days. Remember that shorts, short blouses and tank tops are not considered appropriate in Vietnam. Loose, long clothing is sparing and tends to keep you cool in hot weather. Wearing shorts is acceptable in most situations, for both men and women.

However, the traditional culture of Vietnam is somewhat conservative, so avoiding sleeveless shirts, tank tops, or shorts, especially when visiting Buddhist temples, shows the greatest respect for this brand. Shorts and skirts that expose your legs are prohibited in temples, although they will cover you when you enter. If you need help for a local tour operator, contact Vietnam Travel's specialized team of travel advisors for further assistance. It's especially useful in all three regions of Vietnam and is easy to buy at an affordable price, so don't worry if you forget it before you travel.

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