7 Reasons Why Event Planners Are Happy

Event organizers value their happiness above average. At CareerExplorer, we conducted an ongoing survey with millions of people and asked them how satisfied they are with their careers. It turns out that event planners rate their professional happiness at 3.5 out of 5 stars, which places them in the top 29% of races. There's no doubt that being a wedding planner can be fun and incredibly rewarding. Going to catering and cake tastings, choosing bedding and helping customers decide the perfect centerpieces are absolutely enjoyable activities. Seeing months of hard work coming together on a perfect wedding day is one of the most rewarding experiences many wedding planners experience in their careers. But why are event planners so happy? Here are 7 reasons why event planners are content with their profession: 1. They are the go-to person - During the execution of the event, planners are the person to go to to resolve any unforeseen changes or obstacles. It's fast and intense work sometimes, but the feeling of accomplishment after a big event is priceless.

2. They get paid well

- Event planners usually work on a commission basis, so one way to attract them is to offer a higher commission than the competition.

3. They have to find solutions

- Event planners need to know how to come to “yes” in almost every situation, and if a “yes” is not possible, find a solution that makes the customer happy. No matter what problem arises, event planners know that they will most likely have to solve it.

4. They get entrusted with confidential information

- Even when working with corporations or smaller event hosts, event planners can be entrusted with information that needs to be kept secret.

5. They get repeat customers

- It's much easier to retain customers than it is to find new customers, so here are some tips to make sure event planners are happy enough to use your space again.

6. It's not just for women

- Even though it's a female-dominated field, there are a lot of successful guys who are event planners. The technology isn't just for attendees, some of it is designed to make event planning easier or to facilitate some of the functions of the event to streamline the planning process.

7. They get invited to events

- Being a wedding planner also has great advantages, such as being invited to every party in the industry, going to super fun conferences, and staying in amazing hotels while “scouring the event space”. If you love working with people and the reward of seeing a successful event take place, a career in event planning may be right for you. When they attend an event they didn't plan, they never take for granted the details that were put in place to make the event happen. It can also be good to receive recognition from others for what you do and to realize that many envy your role as an event organizer. They will diligently plan the event to ensure that there is never a time when guests get bored and that the whole event runs smoothly. Even if you have an administration day on your desk, an event organizer is likely to take on numerous different roles. Event planners must constantly keep up with trends, stay ahead of the competition, and find new and creative ways to impress customers and guests.

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