Are there any breweries to visit on weekend getaways from nyc?

Visit craft breweries in Vermont, see the famous WaterFire show in Providence, Rhode Island, or head to the beach on the Jersey Shore with these weekend getaways from New York. Whether you see yourself as a real beach drifter or want to follow in the footsteps of America's founding fathers, there are perfect weekend trips from New York for every type of traveler. But these weekend getaways are perfect, as they'll open up a whole new world for you in upstate New York, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and more. Rent one of these wooden cabins, stylish chalets, modern townhomes, or other Airbnbs for ski getaways from New York. These weekend getaways from New York offer fun, relaxation, and something different not far from home.

Farmington, Pennsylvania, is perhaps the quirkiest little gem on this list of weekend getaway destinations. The best weekend getaways will leave you feeling refreshed and ready to get back to the hustle and bustle after a few wonderful days.

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