Are there any special tips for budget travelers visiting the uk?

Visit the Megatrain and Virgin Train sites first for absurdly cheap train routes. These two sites tend to promote the same routes. While trains are faster, buses are a great way to plan a budget trip in both England and Scotland. The UK train system is extensive and expensive.

Buses, on the other hand, offer very low seats if you book in advance, at just 1 EUR between cities. I never booked months in advance, so my seats were around 10 EUR and it was still a bargain considering that a similar train trip costs more than 90 EUR. If you are not a resident of the United Kingdom and plan to travel many long distances in the United Kingdom by train, look for a Britrail Pass. Two people who travel together for a month in the UK usually have a lower daily budget per person than that of a person who travels alone for a week.

I met some travelers who had abandoned their travel plans because they had spent hours in the rain and were sick or just tired. I wouldn't recommend air travel around the UK. Most of the time, just flying requires a lot more time and effort, which isn't worth it. However, to travel to England and Scotland during the peak season, that style of travel is extremely difficult.

If you're on the budget, or if you just prefer trains, use the National Rail website to plan your UK train journey. This time it was better for me, but I could also have stayed longer in other areas without the huge expenses associated with traveling around the UK. The Best Travel ResourcesCost of Living GuidesGlobal Travel Planning Resources Destination Guides& StoriesTravel Insurance. All of these UK prices are calculated from the budgets of real travelers to find the price of the trip.

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