What Do Event Planners Do and Where Do They Work?

Meeting, convention and event planners are professionals who are responsible for organizing events of all sizes. They work in their offices and on-site at hotels or conference centers, often traveling to attend events and visit meeting places. During meetings or conventions, planners can work much longer hours than usual. Event planners spend most of their time in offices, but they also travel regularly to attend the events they organize and visit potential meeting places. An event planner's job is to ensure that the customer or company can focus on the conference, meeting, seminar or other event in question, while covering the details. They are tasked with creating experiences and bringing visions to life, and must be able to identify and correct minute details. Event planners collaborate with customers, hospitality workers and meeting attendees, and are responsible for choosing locations, hiring catering, entertainment and other providers. They can also arrange accommodation and transportation for attendees. Computer skills are essential for planners, as they must be experienced enough to see the big picture and understand all the details of the industry. Creativity and innovative thinking are a must for event planners. Social media coordinators work to promote events on social media to get attendees and exposure for the event and venue. Becoming an event planner involves a commitment to a varied education and often intensive on-the-job training. Organizations, businesses, and individuals often rely on the services of event planners to coordinate conventions, business meetings, trade shows and private parties. Event planners may specialize in certain types of events such as meetings, conventions and trade shows, festivals, parties or weddings. Some may gain related experience working in a hotel or other hotel business before becoming event organizers.

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